Maspalomas Backpackers Guesthouse (short stay) & medium or long term house share (rent-a-room)

Flatshare - cheap hostel

Rent a cheap room in one of our 2 friendly houses with 3-4 bedrooms on first floor and big living-room + kitchen on ground floor tshared with others. All equipped, furnished, with terrace, washing machine, at least 2 bathrooms etc. One house for long stay and another one short stay guesthouse.

The bedrooms are spacious, with a double bed and we can add a 3rd bed for short stay if there are 3 of you. The house is in a safe area in San Fernando, close to supermarkets and bars. Playa del Inglés beach and the biggest nightlife centrum Kasbah are 6-7min by bicycle that we can provide or a 25min walk or €3.50 by taxi.

We're different

  • Fast internet via WiFi or cable
  • Couples and non-couple friends can rent one room.
  • No long term contract needed.
  • Quiet personal rooms - let's socialise in living room.
  • Friendly backpackers atmosphere.
  • Always better prices compared to hostels.


In the sunny south side of the Gran Canaria It is not easy to find a nice and affordable place to stay which would also be flexible in terms of the rental period, so we decided to rent houses in the area to friendly backpackers and open-minded friendly people.

Martin - author of the idea
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Maspalomas de Gran Canaria area

Maspalomas and San Fernando

Maspalomas (known by locals as El Sur) is located in the southern part of Gran Canaria and is known as the area with best weather in Canary Islands.

Maspalomas consists of smaller towns grown together: Playa del Inglés (most touristic area with most of the pubs, restaurants, clubs, tourist shops, etc are here), San Fernando (more local life - restaurants, tapas-bars, pubs that the locals visit most), San Agustin (most windy area to go for windsurfing, kitesurfing etc.), Meloneras (5* hotels and more expensive area), Sonnenland (in the top of the hill and luxury bungalow area). Visit our Maspalomas Guide page>>

About Maspalomas

  • Long beach of sand dunes.
  • 7 days a week nightlife.
  • Locals' small towns in walking distance.
  • Lot of space for ball games, tennis, etc.
  • The real tropical palm island feeling.
  • Beach parties and outdoor cinema.
  • Live music bars.

Why young people like to come here

Of course, to enjoy the great weather and do all kind of water sports and bicycle hikes, but Maspalomas is also the area of great Latino music clubs, reggae/dnb, rock clubs and many other nice clubs and pubs with different kinds of live music. Sometimes there are great beach parties and there is a regular outdoor cinema on the beach. We prepare "Guide to Maspalomas" with all the places we find interesting in Maspalomas area. In the house there's also few books about Gran Canaria and the area.

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Our flexible and affordable rental prices

We try to keep our prices flexible and affordable weather you are alone, couple or a group of friends. Also, you can stay just for a few days or you can always get better prices if you stay for a month or even sign a contract for 6 months. We have 2 houses close to each other: one mostly for short stay backpackers and other one for people who live here for month or more. Please, contact us for information about available rooms and for longer stay also information about other people in same house>> Maspalomas cheap rental pricesClick here for Facebook promotion until 1stMay2013! Read how to get 10% discount on your next booking.


Flatshare in Maspalomas

6+ months

Prices from €275 per month all inclusive for one person & €335 for 2 people. Please, ask for price offer and pictures of currently available rooms>>

Short term flatshare

1-2 months

From €280/person or if you're 2 then from €350. Please, ask for price offer and pictures of currently available rooms>>

Hostel Maspalomas

Short stay "hostel"

From €20/day depending on the amount of days if you're alone and +€8 for additional person. Please, ask for price offer and pictures of currently available rooms>>

Double rooms available

More people

At most places ithere's not allowed more than 1 person in a room. We can always find you a suitable solution depending on how many you are!

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Affordable bicycle rent in Maspalomas

Bicycle rent MaspalomasWe rent bicycles to our visitors from €3 per day depending on the amount of days needed. That is more than a half cheaper than any other bicycle rental in Maspalomas.

We do rent bicycles also to anybody who is interested but then the price is from €5 per day depending on the amount of days needed.

Maspalomas area (if we leave out Sonnenland which is in top of the hill) is flat so that bicycle is the best way to cruise around the whole area. 

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Contact us for more information

Please, fill in the form below and let us know the number of people, the date you want to check-in and for how long period you want to stay, and we can send you detailed information with photos of the rooms available and suitable for you!

Booking request form

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Our Locations


San Fernando de Maspalomas

2 several locations - contact us for availability!
If you need a room ASAP and need to CONTACT US QUICKLY VIA PHONE then please click here >>


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